Birthed from a lack of genuine love and celebration for the 'Other' within today's society, LOVE CHILD rivals such ideologies that are blind to minority groups thoughts and feelings. Encouraging people who are products of non-discriminatory love to celebrate their identity, LOVE CHILD aims to unite mixed younger millennials, across Britain and inspire advantageous communication to enhance knowledge and uplift its community. As a smartphone app and episodic podcast, LOVE CHILD bridges the gap between the on and offline realms through 'LINK UP' events, that solidifies the positive relationships made online and create relevant experiences for the LOVE CHILD community. 

In discussing relevant issues such as 'The Fetishism of BAME Men and Women', the community importantly inspires its members participation within crucial conversations, that affect their daily lives. By centring the community around communication, the relationships formed on and offline through LOVE CHILD, support its aims to connect and expand the British mixed millennial circuit. In hopes to generate an active support network, LOVE CHILD includes constant representation of mixed heritage and mixed-race members through content curated in-house. Additionally, acting as a platform that enables the community to exchange their own knowledge, ideas and opportunities, the LOVE CHILD app is built upon authenticity. 

As 20-29-year olds, younger millennials are advancing society with acceptance and inclusivity. Although it may be their first time experiencing rife xenophobia as adults, before they are 30, mixed millennials will have straddled a time when individuals of mixed descent were not formally recognised in Britain. LOVE CHILD intends to demonstrate unity and lead by example, injecting love, understanding and racial inclusivity into British society. Britain encompasses a cocktail of hierarchical and racial isms that makes it difficult for an individual to navigate, comprehend and succeed on their own. LOVE CHILD supports its community in their endeavours, promotes a desire to learn and coexist without colourist competition and contributes to creating an even playing field for all. 

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